Avocado and Clay Natural Facial Mask

This is a great natural facial mask recipe for moisturizing normal to oily skin.

Yes, even oily skin needs moisture--if you strip it of all moisture, you'll just stimulate the oil glands to overcompensate for the dryness.

Avocado adds fabulous natural oils, and honey is humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin. Clay is great for oily skin, to absorb excess oil. Leave it out for very dry skin.


1/4 ripe avocado

1 tablespoon dry clay (in powdered form)

1 teaspoon honey

Enough  witch hazel  or cider vinegar to make a thick, creamy mixture. (Probably less than a teaspoon.)


Mash the avocado then mix in the clay, honey and vinegar.

Don't have witch hazel or vinegar?  You can just use water, but the benefit of witch hazel and vinegar is that they're acidic, and so the mask will help maintain your skin's natural  acid mantle, your first line of defense against acne-causing bacteria. Witch hazel is also naturally anti-inflammatory which is great for acne-prone skin.


Smooth on your face and settle in for a nice warm bath (or leave it on for 10-15 minutes). This one can be a bit heavy, so wear a robe or wrap a towel around your neck to protect your clothes.

Remove the mask using warm water or a  gentle facial toner  (or some extra witch hazel).  


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